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 U.S. experts: employers will become the winner of the players will eventually compromise stalled

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PostSubject: U.S. experts: employers will become the winner of the players will eventually compromise stalled   Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:48 pm

NBA lockout began, and it is the end of the time no way of nfl jersey hot knowing. During the labor negotiations, players may be more than the loss of more bosses. "Philadelphia Daily News," the expert John - Smokin Wood said that the war will ultimately win the NBA boss camp -

"We want to stick to a firm belief that we must, no matter how long it takes to stop this," Thunder on the recent star Durant shut down of the respondents in the NBA has so said, "We labor before the system is running very well , we do not want to change it. "

"We will not compromise, we will stick to it, until we finally get a good labor agreement."

This sounds like Durant's bluff, yes, this is the current labor negotiations of the biggest obstacles. If, like Durant, as judge of the standard is "we like expiry of the old collective bargaining agreement," then how could they eventually arrive at a "good labor-management agreement." Players must be the final compromise, they must make some concessions to the boss level.

Many Americans still struggle for daily necessities, and for this range of NBA labor negotiations, the end boss is still hundreds of millions of millions of owners, do players still ten million players.

My point is, if the owners insist they want it, their advantage is far greater than the players, the players insist they want, and ultimately the chance to achieve their purpose is less than the owners the chance, if bosses really want the nfl jerseyreal thing, then.

The reason is not hard to find. Players have one of their lifespan, and bosses are different. Players need to play to keep life as normal, while the owners want their investment pay off, but they do not rely on a sports team to help them make money, even if improper team boss, as they have money.

If the owners wish, they can wait. This is the NHL shut down occurs when a large result the entire 2004-05 season was canceled. If you have the impression, you will remember a lot of hockey players and today's statement are very much like Durant. They stressed that they are consistent, stressed the need to insist on fighting, and ultimately no match for the bosses, they sacrificed the whole season.

I do not know whether this is what was the purpose of the League NHL, when the negotiations started again, everything is shaking. Players are not stupid, they lost a season of playing time and salary, bosses, and not much can be lost, and ultimately they got what they want cap space. After a lot of adjustments, and ultimately get a more healthy NHL labor system, and the bosses get more returns.

If the NBA owners are so determined, then, this shut down may also come to this final result. Bosses know they can rub out the entire season without any effect, but once the game finally return, they can gain more benefits.

For the players, not the same, most players do not like Durant, LeBron, or Howard, as is the team's top paid player, signed a five-year contract most of the players to play only four years now , while those in the street between the edge of each team http://www.nfljerseyhot.com player, if the loss of a season for them is absolutely devastating.

All in all, bosses may not be fully realized what they want, but eventually they will be more than the players close to their ideal outcome.It is composed by kusuminfljerseyhotcom 07.06.2011
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U.S. experts: employers will become the winner of the players will eventually compromise stalled
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